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Johnny Sins

Aliases: Damian

Country: United States

Born: December 31, 1979

Eye: Blue

Hair: Brunette

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 79 kg

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Some wiseass once said: every worthy battle needs a formidable opponent. Well, onscreen fucking isnt exactly a battle, but there is definitely a lot of hardcore back and forth power involved. This is why for every amazing female porn star out there they need a big, strong, energetic guy who really knows how to give it like hes leading the charge of the light brigade. There is nothing that Johnny Sins cant handle. If you want to see a get lifted up and held upside down for some standing 69, you need Johnny Sins. If you want to see a thick set busty MILF get lifted off her back and get fucked so hard her flesh ripples, you need Johnny Sins. This guy is all muscle, power, and massive dick, and hes got the stamina to take on multiple cunts and asses for your wanking pleasure. Johnny pounds that puss like a running back riding a steed through battle. Hes made more eyeliner run than every sad movie watched on Valentines Day by single horny girls. Hes left more girls limping than cheerleader practice on tequila. Hes six feet tall of muscle and fuck power and has got just as much length stretching out horizontally. When this guy isnt fucking, hes known to hit the gym or just kick back and play video games. So its easy to imagine Johnny is just one of the boys, except hes your pal who gets the most poon.

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